UniversalCoin Fundraiser One

Help people around the world get access to digital currency and be part of something big.

UniversalCoin is a experiment designed to get cryptocurrency into the hands of as many people as possible. To this aim, the primary distribution of UniversalCoin is completely free, so that anyone with internet access can participate and claim an equal share. Our hypothesis: That a free and fair cryptocurrency distribution is capable of creating wealth on a global scale.

We chose Ethereum as the platform for the UNV token because of it’s stability, committed development team and availability of supporting software and services. The caveat is that sending token transactions at scale on Ethereum becomes expensive. We want to keep UniversalCoin free for every person on Earth that wants to participate. To do that, we need to raise Ether from those who can afford to contribute.

In Fundraiser One, we are releasing 500,000,000 Reserve UNV to the public (1.25% of the total supply). We will issue UNV tokens as a reward for contributions of ETH to our nominated contribution address. UNV tokens are transferred within 24 hours of receipt of ETH contributions.

100% of the ETH contributed to Fundraiser One will be used to pay transaction fees for the free weekly UNV distribution.

For questions or support, email us at [email protected] or get in touch with us on Reddit, Bitcointalk, Twitter or Facebook with the social links below.